Deformity Correction

Deformity Correction

Surgical treatment of the bone the grows incorrectly
i) Limb deformities of the leg
ii) Bow leg deformity(blounts disease) ;- knees separated (physiological genu
Due to metabolic disorders—rickets renal failure infection skeletal dysplasias
Diagnosis …on physical examination and x ray
Treatment bracing follow by surgery.
iii) Knock knees :- knees close together (genu valgum)
Treatment osteotomy with plate and screws.

iv) Growth plate injuries

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2 types:

1: stretching(Reshape)
2: Surgery
There are a few reliable techniques for treating clubfoot with stretching. The most
widely used is called the Ponseti method.

Ponseti method:

With this method, stretching is used in combination with a cast. Your doctor (or
orthopedic specialist) will stretch your baby’s foot toward the correct position and
then place a cast on it to hold it there. Every week or so, the doctor will remove
the cast, stretch the foot further toward the correct position, and re-cast it. This
will continue until the foot is fully in the correct position (usually several months).


When clubfoot is severe, surgery is often the best option for your baby. The
surgeon (usually an orthopedic surgeon) will work to lengthen the tendons in the
foot and may also need to realign the bones and joints.